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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

We did this song at the 2016 Celebrate Christmas concert. For that event, I was playing through my Mesa Boogie Road King Dual Rectifier with a 4×12 cabinet. Loved the sound from that rig. There is an extended guitar solo just before the three minute mark into this song.

It’s Christmas!

This was our finale at the 2017 Celebrate Christmas concert. Four minutes into the song and I was trading solos with Trevor, our violinist. Things got a bit out of hand as we both kicked in our wah wah pedals.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

At our Christmas events, we would bring in a few secular tunes. This one was always well received. It is a cover of the Mercy Me version of the song. The guitar solo, which starts about 1:20 into the song, is a bit trickier to play than it sounds.

Live Band Setup

It always changes. The guitar rig. Always. This video shows a live rig that I had used for many years: small tube amp, large pedalboard. Today I usually play through a digital modeller plugged directly into a Front of House system with a monitor send back to my in-ears.

X32 Walkthrough

I have done a lot of audio seminars to different churches over the years. This gives a bit of a sense as to my communication style. The video provides a very basic overview of a new console that we had brought into our home church. Surprisingly good value for the money and certainly a popular board for small to mid-sized churches.

Celebrate Christmas Rehearsal

Fond memories of rehearsals in my home studio. This video covered a rehearsal for a Celebrate Christmas concert although I held so many rehearsal here over the years. Musicians really enjoyed coming out and rehearsing in this space.

Phase One Recording Studios

A tour I did of one of my favourite recording studios in Toronto, Phase One. Loved that big, old Neve console and the overall vibe of the talent room. So much history in that room.

New World

I recorded, mixed and co-produced the New World album and we received a Covenant award for Instrumental Album of the Year in 2015. It was a labour of love for sure. Spent countless hours over a few years getting this one done.

Matthew’s Theme

My son’s first musical collaboration with me. This was done a few years back. Matthew wanted to create a musical theme for a computer game and put a few ideas down on keys. I added some bass, guitar and synths, along with a bit of drum programming and voila. A great memory of doing a fun project with my son.