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Veritas Guitars

I do a lot of playing in church settings. For Canadians, this might seem a bit odd. Our culture is decidedly post-Christian and few people in Canada regularly attend churches. Mention the word “church” and visions of organs and choirs would quickly come to mind. Not of drums, bass, electric guitars and keys.

That said, I play out in church settings on guitar at least twice a month. I love to serve in this fashion and there has been a real renaissance in guitar playing with styles that build from bands like U2 and Coldplay.

There is a vibrant and broad community of guitar players who play in church bands. Thousands of them. Most are in the United States. I follow numerous forums and guitarists online and one model of guitar that keeps popping up online is the Veritas line of instruments. They can be purchased as a standard or custom offering.

The Portlander, pictured above, is a popular model in the church community. Here is a video with David Ditrich, a worship leader, talking about his Veritas Portlander. A great looking and great sounding guitar.