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Teuffel Birdfish


“I defy any other instrument, besides these odd-ball things, to get that crazy.” — Billy Gibbons

“I learned that you can’t name something “exact” if it isn”™t down to one hundredth of a millimeter. Today I think that the figure is actually beyond one thousandth of a millimeter. But everyone starts out as a beginner.” — Ulrich Teuffel

The birdfish model is limited to 500 guitars. From what I have read, Teuffel’s annual output is about 25 guitars per year. If so, that represents 20 years of production. Although he does build other models.

Well, whether the math adds up or not, this is a very unique design for a guitar:

This astonishing guitar gets its name from the two central elements ”“ the ”˜bird”™ and the ”˜fish”™ ”“ both carved from a solid block of acoustically-optimal aluminium. The tone bars, pickups and neck are all attached to the ”˜bird”™ and the ”˜fish”™ while the control unit ”“ with a five-way switch like that of a classic 1950s guitar ”“ forms the head of the ”˜bird”™.

Here is a video of one in action.