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Jus Soli, Jus Sanguinis

My oldest son returned home from university yesterday. During the drive back, he asked me about nationality. Specifically: is the son of a father’s son a national of the country where the grandfather was born but neither the father, nor the father’s son was born?

I had to think about that question.

Generally, nationality is established at birth by a child’s place of birth (jus soli) and/or bloodline (jus sanguinis). Nationality may also be acquired later in life through naturalization.

Jus sanguinis, latin for “right of blood”, is a right by which nationality or citizenship can be recognized to any individual born to a parent who is a national or citizen of that state. The rules vary widely amongst different countries. But this example should help.

My father was born in England. He was a British citizen. According to the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914 British subject status was acquired as follows:

  • Birth within His Majesty’s dominions
  • Naturalisation in the United Kingdom or a part of His Majesty’s dominions which had adopted Imperial naturalisation criteria
  • Descent through the legitimate male line (child born outside the His Majesty’s dominions to a British subject father). This was limited to one generation although further legislation in 1922 allowed subsequent generations born overseas to be registered as British subjects within one year of birth.
  • Foreign women who married British subject men
  • Former British subjects who had lost British subject status on marriage or through a parent’s loss of status could resume it in specific circumstances (e.g. if a woman became widowed, or children immediately upon turning 21)

I can apply for British citizenship based on this act. My son cannot. Although a quick read of the Act suggests that he could have been established as a British citizen had we applied within one year of his birth.

However, Commonwealth nationals, such as a Canadian, can enter the United Kingdom on an ancestry visa for up to five years. An ancestry visa is available if a grandparent was born in the United Kingdom.

Regardless, under United Kingdom law, Canadians are Commonwealth citizens and are entitled to certain rights in the United Kingdom:

  • Access to the UK working holiday visa
  • For those with a United Kingdom born grandparent, access to the UK Ancestry Entry Clearance
  • For those born before 1983 who meet the requirements, Right of Abode in the United Kingdom
  • The right to vote and stand for public office in the UK

The question does not have an easy answer. In my case, my son could not secure the Right of Abode. He was born after 1983. However, he could easily enter the United Kingdom and secure naturalization while he was in the United Kingdom.

Let’s not talk about other countries. I’m still trying to figure out my new nationality status as a Quebec-born Canadian of a British citizen.

Travel Day

Although the flight from Orlando to Toronto is relatively short at two and a half hours, we will pretty much use most of the day to travel home. We will leave the resort at 11am and by the time we clear customs it will be close to 5pm. Getting my daughter back to university will add another four or five hours before I get back home.

Beautiful sunny skies today and temperatures in the high 20s Celsius. I guess I will have to brace myself for the Toronto weather.

Mickey 3

Last day in Orlando. We head back tomorrow.

After the sessions had wound up for the day yesterday, I took my daughter over to Epcot. We started walking around the park at 6pm or so. And everything was perfect. Light crowds, pleasant weather.

We went through the various pavilions: England, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Japan. And then we reached the American pavilion. They were hosting a wonderful orchestra and choir event. A candlelight processional. Christmas carols. The choir was about 200 voices strong.

The outdoor stage was a thing of beauty. Lighting, candles, landscapes all presented the perfect image of Christmas eve.

And then? A torrential downpour. Patrons panicked and dashed for shelter. Candles fizzled out under the monsoon rain. The orchestra pit became a swamp. Choir gowns became ponchos. The crowd went crazy tearing away umbrellas from poor helpless children. Old people were flung over posts to form temporary tents for the more able-bodied rain-soaked guests.

I will carry this memory for a long, long time. I think I need therapy.

A few more photos to share with you. Notice the guy sleeping in the park? Before the rain, he was just a normal guest. After the rain? Well, let’s just say you would not want to get in his way.

Guy in theme park

Hotel at night

Teddy bears


Mickey 2

A full day of working sessions after which I will be heading out for the Hoop Dee Doo dinner theatre with my daughter. That should be great fun.

A few more photos to share with you from yesterday. Selective parks are open late, so we have been going out and enjoying the magic at night. However, I cannot take a tripod with me so the photography has been quite limited for now. Tomorrow is an open day so hopefully I will get a few more shots.

Hotel View

Disney MGM

Camera Guy



I am part of a peer-to-peer networking group and, as part of my commitment to that group, I attend one of the member-hosted forums each year. Fortunately for our group, one of the members is an executive with the Walt Disney company.

And this year’s session is being held at the Yacht and Beach club. I flew in to Orlando yesterday with my daughter. We had a chance to spend some time at Epcot. Disney had the Magic Kingdom open late just for the resort guests. We were there for most of the evening last night.

My host was kind enough to ensure a very low rate for the room. However, when I checked in, I was told that I had received a complimentary upgrade. Wonderful room and a great view.

Here are a few shots from the hotel and from one of the resort parks. I’ll let you guess which one.

Yacht Beach 1

Yacht Beach 2

Yacht Beach 4

Travel Day

We leave for home later today. We have enjoyed a wonderful time here in Arizona.

A few photos that I took last night and early this morning. Back to regular blogging tomorrow.




Apache Trail

We spent the day touring the Apache Trail. Route 88 leading to the Roosevelt Dam was a great drive. Coming back on U.S. 60 was so-so. Nonetheless, another great day in the southwest.

I guess I will soon have to confront the reality of returning back to Ontario. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the day.








Jars of Clay

Just returned from the Jars of Clay concert at the Phoenician. What a wonderful evening. The setting was very informal with perhaps two hundred or so people in the audience.

It was a unique treat to be able to share an intimate evening with the band. However, their purpose was not simply to entertain. Jars of Clay had come to gain support for their work in Africa. You can learn more about it here and here.

The support that Jars of Clay sought was not simply financial. This group of people at this event leverage their combined knowledge to help ensure ministry activities are successful. Wisdom, experience go along with financial support.

I’m not sure why the intersection occured while we were here at the Phoenician. But I was quite moved by what I took from the mission of The Gathering.


Here is a shot that I took of the band at tonight’s performance.