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London Itinerary

London, England is only a few weeks away. Here are a few of the places that I would like to visit during our time there:


In three weeks I will be heading off on a vacation to London, England. Just me and my oldest son.

I have been reading quite extensively about the city. Lots of things to do in London. Part of the challenge will be pace. I think we could be on the go 24/7. And, leaning a bit towards the type A personality, I will have to be careful that I do not plan too busy an itinerary. I might wear my son out.

Likes like the city also offers a lot of photographic opportunities. I will make sure that I balance the serious photography with snapshots. Looking back on our vacation pictures from the past ten years, the memories are very special.

Tower Bridge

Hamilton Bermuda

Coming close to the end of the photojournal of our time in Bermuda. Here are some street shots that I took in Hamilton.

Hamilton 1

Hamilton 2

Hamilton 3

Hamilton 4

Hamilton 5

New Photoblog Up

I have started a photoblog which can be found here. Just started so I only have a couple of images up right now. But I will post images daily from my various photo travels.

Royal Navy Dockyards

Here are a few pictures that I took as we toured the Royal Navy Dockyards in Bermuda. This is a popular spot for tourists and for the cruise ships. And I can see why. It combines some great restaurants and stores with some interesting historical sights.

Royal Dockyards 1

Royal Dockyards 2

Royal Dockyards 3

Royal Dockyards 4

Unfinished Church In Bermuda

When we toured the town of St. George, one of our first stops was St. Peter’s Church. Later, we toured the unfinished church. Construction of the church started in the 1870s. The Gothic structure was meant to be a replacement for St. Peter”™s Church. Following a series of problems, including a church split, financial difficulties and a damaging storm, it was abandoned on the eve of its completion.

Here are some pictures of the two churches. I will let you determine which church is the unfinished one.

St Peters

Unfinished 1

Unfinished 2

Unfinished 3

Unfinished 4

Bermuda Par

I prefer to play golf courses rather than take pictures of them. However, there seems to be a desire on the part of some of those that follow this blog to confirm the presence of golf courses in Bermuda. So, here it is. A picture of the golf course that was on the property of our Bermuda resort. Note the absence of snow and ice.

Bermuda Golf

Royal Naval Cemetery

As we walked Bermuda’s railway trail and headed towards the Royal Dockyards, we came across the Royal Naval Cemetery. Over 1,000 servicemen from as early as 1819 are buried in the oldest and largest cemetery of its kind. Here are some pictures I took of the graveyard. Many of the inscriptions honoured young men. Tragic that so many died so young.

Graveyard 2

Graveyard 3

Graveyard 4

Graveyard 5