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Trailer Trash Pedal Board

I wired up the pedal board last night and I am really pleased with the result. First up is a shot of the old pedal board:


And here are some shots of the finished pedal board. Much cleaner and much easier to use.





Cosmo Music

Headed into Toronto this evening as I have a series of meetings here tomorrow. After I settled into the hotel, I decided to drop by the new Cosmo Music Superstore in Richmond Hill. I was looking for some George L’s as my Trailer Trash Pedal Board came in yesterday. And I will be rewiring the pedal board over the week-end.

What a store. One of the staff was good enough to walk me through some of the special features of this location. Aside from tempting me with a new Suhr or Tom Anderson, he took me into a special room that models different halls. If you want to hear what your instrument sounds like in a cathedral, this room will model the acoustic space in a pretty compelling way.

I have traveled widely across Canada and the United States and I have been in a number of guitar superstores. Cosmo is certainly one of the best I have seen. Most impressive.

And maybe I might be swayed to a particular model of Suhr. Andrew said he would cut me a great deal on this guitar.



Trailer Trash

I have been running a relatively small pedal board for my live guitar rig. During the past few months, I have been running into a few issues with it during my live gigs. Not enough space for all the pedals I want to carry and redundant power and signal loops. Although the cabling is relatively neat on the board, it is still exposed and subject to some wear and tear as much of it gets externally routed and pulled during performance play. I have a line in from the guitar, a line out for the amp channel switch, a line out for the amp input, and a send and return loop for the delays. And an AC input for the VooDoo Labs Pedal Power.

Here is an older photo of the current board. Since this picture was taken, I added a wah pedal, and an Analog Man Orange Squeezer. Needless to say, the board is a bit cramped with too many exposed cables.


I decided to move ahead with a Trailer Trash Pedal Board. The 28 by 16 Pro Series. Better design and a lot more flexibility to wire the board without exposing the power supply, the signal lines as well as the AC lines. I ordered the board from James. Really nice man and very prompt in answering my questions.

My layout will be a bit different and I will post some photos once I get it all set up. But for those guitar geeks who drop by the blog from time to time — and you know who you are — here is an example of the new Trailer Trash Pedal Board. Very clear from the photo that the board can basically dress all cables underneath with secure connectors on the sidewalls: