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Sorry, How Much For That Camera Bag?

I have followed Thorsten von Overgaard for a long time. He certainly had an influence on my decision to move away from Nikon gear to Leica. A bit of an expensive decision to be quite candid. I thoroughly enjoy his writing and his videos. I’ve even been tempted to try out one of his workshops.

I am on Thorsten’s mailing list and I receive his newsletters.

The most recent one announced a new set of products for his online store: luxury camera bags and luxury bespoke suitcases for world travelers.

From his website:

You want the ideal product that fulfills all of your needs, made to make you happy every time you touch it, and made to last forever.

I must admit that I am totally out of touch with the pricing for luxury camera bags.

Kristian Dowling did a review of the perfect bag for Leica back in 2014 and recommended the Wotancraft Ryker:

If you”™re after a small unobtrusive camera bag with style, quality, great layout and zippered compartments, the Ryker really has no competition. Not only is it great for a Leica kit, but it”™s suitable for any mirrorless camera kit plus a whole lot of extras.

At a price of US$379, it may sound a bit pricey compared to alternatives in the marketplace, but if you truly value quality that matches your equipment and photography, go spoil yourself with the Wotancraft Ryker. It has more quality and less hype than any bag I”™ve ever owned and I feel privileged to have one.

$379 USD is roughly $500 CAD before taxes. I would expect a luxury camera bag to be in that price range. $500 to say $1,500. Pricey enough to make you ask whether it makes any sense to spend that much money on a camera bag (short answer for me, no).

My perspective on how much luxury camera bags have changed in price since Kristian’s review was obviously not an informed perspective.

If you want one of Thorsten’s bags, be prepared to dig deep into that bank account of yours. Really, really deep.

$7,500 CAD for calfskin. $50,000 CAD for croc.



For a camera bag.