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Cp Thornton Guitars


To date I have personally built more than 100 guitars and basses. Each an act of passion, dedication and discipline. With CP Thornton Guitars, I am fulfilling a lifetime dream”¦ to create heirloom quality instruments for musicians who seek that rare balance between breath-taking beauty and engineering excellence. With mass production dominating the music industry today, a truly master-built instrument is rare. Each Thornton model has been designed specifically for its purpose and sonic signature.

Chuck Thornton


In designing this model, I didn”™t try to reinvent the wheel, because I have tremendous respect for the Fender Telecaster. I just tried to make it more player friendly. I kept the essential original features, and made subtle changes to the shape of the horn, the neck angle, and the headstock angle. Of course, The Classic has my unique inset neck joint so it can be played all the way up the fretboard without changing your hand position.

Cp Thornton on the Classic.


It is our belief that Chuck Thornton is one of the very few who has successfully taken on the task of redesigning the most classic of all solidbody guitars ever made and has managed to significantly improve its ergonomics, playability, touch sensitivity and intonation while preserving every drop of its vintage tone and feel. No easy task. And the best part is that it now can be yours by purchasing one of the CP Thornton Classics that Destroy All Guitars has commissioned Chuck to build.

Destroy All Guitars on the Classic.


What a beautiful instrument! In stock and fairly priced.

For Cp Thornton, making guitars is his calling.

It was his destiny. Here are some more of his guitars.


Walker Electric Guitars


Scott Walker, of Walker Electric Guitars, started out by carving necks for the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Santa Cruz builds heirloom quality instruments. True artisans.

Scott developed his craft at Santa Cruz and then began his own line of guitars. I have featured the Jimson above, largely because I am thinking more and more about a Telecaster style guitar, although Scott has an incredible selection of instruments here.

The Jimson itself has a body made from resonant Sugar Pine. I love the sound of pine on my Stratocaster. Pine is also a challenging tonewood for a builder. The body of the Jimson looks amazing.

The pickups are wound by hand, the pickguard is Italian celluloid and the neck is maple.


The Jimson starts at $5,500USD and delivery is about a year. Beautiful instrument. Here it is in action:

Crook Vintage Pink Paisley


Bill Crook builds custom guitars. Paisley Telecaster style guitars mostly. He does other styles as well but he is best known for his Paisleys.

He got started by building a Paisley for Brad Paisley. Brad’s “Old Pink” is an original 1968 Fender Pink Paisley. You can see it in the video he did for Fender here:

Fender decided to make a “hippie” version of their guitars and basses during the late 60s. It was, after all, the era of flower power.

TDPRI has a good summary on Paisley Teles. The Fender Custom Shop has put out a few Masterbuilt Paisleys over the years. The last one I have seen was this 2012 Custom Shop Masterbuilt Stratocaster — a relic reissue of a 1969 Gold and Pink Paisley. Some great tones from Gregor Hilden:

I have a Fender Select Tele but there are a few issues with the build. If I were to look at a new one, Bill would be the first guy I would contact. He is the one that can create an outstanding Paisley in a wide range of colours. I like the vintage pink one though. Very cool.