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Tao Guitars


“So, you are thinking about a Telecaster style guitar huh?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What about a Tao T-bucket?”

“I’ll get back to you.”

I had not heard of Tao Guitars. This is from their website:

The machine is not master & tyrant, but willing servant and helper, and the products do not take their physiognomy from mechanical technology but from the spirit of their artistic originator and from the dexterity of artistically skilled hands. It is better to work ten days on an article than producing ten articles a day, this is the ruling principal. Style as identity.

Belgian luthiers Serge Michiels and John Joveniaux are the talented people behind Tao Guitars. They build some unique models including their namesake, the Tao Guitar.


The T-Bucket, starting at roughly $5,000USD is available through their North American dealer Custom Guitar Boutique. Tao Guitars also have a Phaeton model that prices out at $24,000.

The attention to detail in the Phaeton can be seen even inside the guitar.


The build looks amazing.

More details about the builders from Premier Guitar.