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Tacx Neo Strange Noises

Normally, the Tacx Neo is a very quiet trainer. But not today. Today it made these sounds:

I reached out to my friends on the Tacx Neo Owner’s Facebook Group. Very helpful feedback from everyone there.

I had the following suggestions: index the rear derailleur, tighten the rear cassette, and contact Tacx support. I did send Tacx support a note along with the above video. This was their response:

Dear Richard,

We’re sorry to hear that.

This is a very strange sound.

Do you hear this sound as well if you stop pedaling and let the flywheel run out? If you do not hear this sound while not pedaling then we suspect the sound may be caused by your chain or cassette. Please make sure that the cassette is locked tight and maybe do some maintenance.


If the sound still persists even when not pedaling then the noise might come from inside the NEO. Could you then send us a new video (<20 mb) of the sound?

We will then want to investigate your NEO further at our factory.

The trainer is relatively new. I put it into service in June of this year. I ride about 8-10 hours a week on the trainer. My bike’s drivetrain is basically new as well — as in new chain and cassette — and very quiet out on the road.

I don’t mind doing the maintenance check on the rear cassette although I do not have the tools for tightening the cassette. But I suppose I can at least check for any potential slippage. It seems a bit early to have to worry about lubrication for the cassette area but who knows. Worth a try. The chain? Well, it is new and tight and I keep it well maintained. I don’t see a need to swap it out.

The last thing I want to do is send it back to the factory with just a few weeks to go before we head out in our coach.

I trained for many years with wheel-on trainers. Never any issues.

Seems like the direct drive trainers are a bit fussy.

Hopefully I can get this resolved locally.