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Steve Bell and Jody Cross

Last night I did live sound for part of the Steve Bell concert that was held in Newmarket (just north of Toronto). I mixed the Jody Cross opening act and watched the console feed from Steve Bell’s setup come through the main house. Not much pressure so I could really sit back and enjoy Steve’s music and ministry. Dave Zeglinski, Steve’s manager and sound person, did all the hard work. We used both the house system and Steve’s local system for the audience and it worked out really well.

Steve and Dave came over to my studio today to see our work and to talk about the Christian music scene in Canada. I have been a big fan of Steve for many years and we know many people in common. We traded a number of stories about our mutual friends and talked a lot about sharing faith through music and the quest to pursue excellence in our respective ministries. I must tell you that I was very impressed with Steve’s character and his open and friendly nature. I was so pleased that he came by. We went through the studio, the equipment and I brought up some of the projects that we have worked on over the years. My youngest boy is also a big fan and he now has some great memories of a worthy hero.