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Bob Rae Down and Out

Canadian Press is reporting that Stéphane Dion will resign as Liberal leader today. Finally.

And CP is also reporting that Ignatieff is expected to be installed as leader Wednesday by a vote of party MPs and senators. I doubt that Rae is happy with the news.

The Globe and Mail reported today that:

There is nervousness among Ontario Liberals… that Mr. Rae’s tenure as the province’s NDP premier during a difficult economic period would hurt the party now if he became leader.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a real spike in people accessing this post from two years ago. And a few people posting new comments to that old post. 

There is good reason for people in Ontario to be nervous about Bob Rae. 

Stephane Dion and Hot Air

I watched the Prime Minister present his case to the people of Canada this evening. Pretty much what I expected. Stephane Dion’s presentation was also what I expected.

And a bit more.

Stephane Dion’s tape arrived late and the reporters at the CBC commented on the poor quality of the Liberal communications office. They were not sure if they could extend their time to allow the tape to roll. But they did.

What I found particularly funny was that no one checked the background set behind Stephane Dion. I was actually a bit distracted by the bookshelves behind Dion and I began to read the titles near his head. Prominent on the left side of the screen was a large book with the following title in capital letters:


I suspect that I was not the only one to catch the gaffe.