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Studio at the Palms

When I was last in Las Vegas, I heard about a new studio that opened at the Palms Casino Resort. The Studio at the Palms has a Neve VRP-72 Legend console and Griffin G1 monitors. Griffins run about $32,000 USD per pair by the way. The second control room hosts an SSL XL 9080K Series Console.

As a bonus, some luxury suites are wired to the studio for the convenience of the artist.

Palms Control Room

Palms Talen Room

Paragon Studios

Paragon Studios opened in 2003. The studio is located in Franklin, Tennessee. The owner, Fred Paragano, spent roughly seven years in planning and preparation. Fred’s engineering and mixing credits include Amy Grant and Third Day.

Russ Berger provided the design for this stunning studio. The space spans about 10,000 square feet. Studio A offers an SSL 9080K XL console and Dynaudio M4+ 5.1 monitoring and Studio B offers a Pro Tools|HD system. The M4+ speakers, by the way, go for about $50,000 Cdn each. As for the SSL console, think of a really big number.

And, yes, that is a Mac on the producer’s desk behind the SSL console. All great recording studios are powered by Macs.

Paragon 1

Paragon 2