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Leaving Home

My two oldest children were home from university for the Easter week-end.

It was great to have them both home. For some reason, the house seems more alive with them here. Not that we had anything major on the go. I was in a session all day Saturday and then I played in the praise band at church on Good Friday as well as this morning. The family spent most of the time watching movies, playing Xbox, eating food and surfing the web. Hanging out as it were.

My youngest boy is not too happy about his brother and sister going back to university. Last night, just before I went to bed, I dropped by his room to check on him. He was still awake. And he was also upset.

“What’s wrong, Matthew?”
“I don’t want Josh and Tara to go!”

“I know, son. Nor do I. But it’s okay. They will be back home in a month or so for the summer.”
“A month is a long time, Dad.”

It dawned on me for the first time that I might not be the only one in our family struggling with separation anxiety. However, when the two oldest left today, Matthew had to be reminded to say good-bye.

“Dad. I’m busy. I’m right in the middle of a pretty challenging Halo round on Xbox Live.”

First rule of parenting boys. Never interrupt a Halo match.