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The Four Horseman


Scott Galloway:

Scott Galloway is a Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing to second-year MBA students and is the author of the Digital IQ Index, a global ranking of prestige brands’ digital competence. In 2012, Professor Galloway was named “One of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors” (Poets & Quants). Professor Galloway is also the founder of several firms including: L2, a subscription business intelligence firm serving prestige brands; Red Envelope [looks like they are now out of business], an e-commerce firm (2007, $100mm revs.); and Prophet, a global brand strategy consultancy with 250+ professionals.

He can also tear through 90 slides in 900 seconds. I caught his most recent presentation at DLD15: The Four Horsemen — Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google — Who Wins/Loses.

He made a number of predictions including:

  • Amazon will not make it as a pure play retailer
  • The future of retail is multi-channel
  • Facebook pulled the biggest bait and switch in history
  • Google is facing stronger competition in search
  • Apple will become the first trillion dollar company

He also shared a heat map which attempts to associate socioeconomic status with mobile operating systems.

Scott literally tore through his presentation without barely taking a breath. I won’t give him too many points on the quality of his public speaking skills however his content was fascinating to watch.