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World Music Project

I am mixing an interesting project for a producer out of New York City. The project is called the World Music Project and it is a collaborative effort from more than fifty musicians across the world.

I will be keeping a video diary for the project partly to keep all of the players in the loop in terms of how the mix is progressing.

Initially I thought it would take a day or so to mix the one song for the project. However, given the track count — in excess of 60 tracks — and the complexity of the song, I expect to be spending about a week or more.

The mix will go through a few distinct phases:

File import and initial prep
Track management (naming, colour coding, grouping)
Track remediation for vocals (editing)
Track remediation for instruments (editing)
Placement (stereo soundfield)
Processing (compression, EQ, effects)
Automation (levels)
Release candidate mix

Here is the first phase of the project: file import and initial prep.