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Lakeside Studios

Lakeside Studios is a recording studio in Knoxville, Tennessee that overlooks Ft. Loudon Lake. A comfortable and intimate studio that features a Nuendo DAW. It is the closest professional facility I could find near our vacation spot in Gatlinburg.


A beautiful personal recording space designed by Russ Berger Design Group. Radiobu is an 1,100 square foot production space that supports multimedia.

The studio consists of a main control room, a large glass recording booth, a machine room, kitchenette, bathroom and lounge. It houses a Digidesign Icon D-Control console along with a large collection of vintage recording equipment and instruments.

The Mixing Room

The Mixing Room is a facility that features two identical — except for the color — 5.1 surround sound audio post-production suites. Designed by Wes Lachot, the rooms feature Pro Tools HD3, C|24 consoles and monitors by Blue Sky.

Love the design work by Wes Lachot.



Charleston Sound

Charleston Sound is a high-end studio located in Charleston, South Carolina. The studio was designed by Wes Lachot Design. The control room features a custom API recording and mixing console that features 56 API 500 series slots, 32 channels of API equalization, 32 API microphone preamps, 40 mix down inputs, and extensive patchbay and routing capabilities.



Eastwest Studios

An impressive renovation of this landmark recording studio. Located in Hollywood, the Eastwest Studios have worked with artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to The Rolling Stones. The live recording rooms were built by legendary engineer Bill Putnam in 1961. The front desk is a very cool design. I hope those were not vintage instruments. More photos of the renovation here.




Chalice Studios

Chalice Studios in Los Angeles houses two SSL 9000 J Series consoles in Studios A and B. I really like the look of the live room in the last photo. Very relaxing atmosphere.




Grayson Matthews

Grayson Matthews is an interesting facility in Toronto. The studio has a nice look and feel. Another great design by Pilchner Schoustal.




Home Studios

Always interesting to see how some people set up recording environments in their home. Most home studios are pretty poor places to record music. The biggest issues are inexperience and acoustics. The gear is a factor but talented engineers can do some pretty amazing things with very limited resources.

I came across this site. The control room looks like a typical basement recording rig. Not sure how I would mix in such a space. Hard, reflective, square spaces are quite unfriendly. I guess the main speakers on concrete blocks provide some level of acoustic decoupling.

The drumset is pretty impressive. I suppose I am old school. The cables, although colourful, are a mess. If I ever laid cables like that in a commercial facility, I would be fired.

Spielberg Audio CR

Spielberg Audio 2