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Be Like Steve

Businessweek had an interesting article on how to deliver a presentation like Steve Jobs. Here is a summary of the ten ideas that can help improve any presentation:

Set the theme: once you identify your theme, make sure you deliver it several times throughout your presentation.

Demonstrate enthusiasm: next time you’re crafting or delivering a presentation, think about injecting your own personality into it. If you think a particular feature of your product is “awesome,” say it.

Provide an outline: make a list of your key points and provide your audience with guideposts along the way. For example, say “There are four things that I want to talk about today.”

Make numbers meaningful: numbers don’t mean much unless they are placed in context. Connect the dots for your listeners.

Try for an unforgettable moment: what is the one memorable moment of your presentation? Identify it ahead of time and build up to it.

Create visual slides: inspiring presenters are short on bullet points and big on graphics.

Give ’em a show: enhance your presentations by incorporating multimedia, product demonstrations, or giving others the chance to say a few words.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: despite your best preparation, something might go wrong. Have fun. Few will remember a glitch unless you call attention to it.

Sell the benefit: your listeners are always asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Answer the question. Don’t make them guess. Clearly state the benefit of every service, feature, or product.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse: a Steve Jobs presentation looks effortless because it is well-rehearsed.