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Phase One Studio C

Phase One C Room was designed by Pilchner-Schoustal. The room features a 48 input SSL Duality console and monitors by DynAudio, Kranis One and Tannoy. I’ve had the pleasure to master in this room.

Phase One Studios

I will be in Phase One Studio A the first week of August engineering the bed tracks for Trevor’s latest project. I had the pleasure of working with Trevor and his team on his last release, a 20-song Christmas project. I have also been doing some remix work for Trevor at home from my temporary mix room.

As the new studio construction for my room won’t happen now until early next year — darn those financial markets — we will be working out of Studio A for bed tracks and then dealing with overdubs and mixdown at my  home. I have my Pro Tools rig all set up and I can effectively mix and deal with one-up tracking.

Phase One offers a vintage Neve console. At roughly 14 feet long, it offers both 1073 and 1084 modules. The recording area is about 1,500 square feet and the room has over 70 microphones and lots of outboard. Numerous artists have worked here including folks like Sting and Herbie Hancock. George Massenburg seems to like working out of this room as well. When I was assisting, I worked on similar Neve consoles only back then they were new. And now they are vintage. I guess I must also be vintage.

Here are a few photos of Studio A: