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Pete Thorn In Toronto Today

One day I would like to play like Pete Thorn. Such a talented and tasteful guitarist.

My friends at Cosmo Music had sent me an invitation to come out to a workshop Pete is holding there today. As I am currently travelling in Florida, I wasn’t able to make it.

I’ve watched pretty much all of his videos over the years. Pete has the uncanny ability to make any pedal, amp, or guitar sound amazing proving that most of what sounds good comes from the player and not from the gear.

Check out his YouTube channel if you haven’t come across him before.

Pete Thorn on NAMM 2017

Pete Thorn is one of my guitar heroes. I started following him on his YouTube Channel primarily because of his pedal demos. Pete is an awesome player and he can make pretty much anything sound great through his fingers.

I’ve been following NAMM 2017 from a distance. Lots of interesting announcements for guitarists this year. Pete was there and he posted a video on his experience at the show. A way of seeing NAMM 2017 without actually being there to see NAMM 2017. If you see what I mean.