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Studio 440 recently completed a private recording studio. Fairly typical of most high-end designs: particular attention to detail in construction and acoustics. And top-of-the-line equipment. Outfitting such rooms generally involves significant capital. Millions of dollars.

What makes this studio profile a bit unique is its location. The studio was built in a yacht called Octopus.

All components, lighting fixtures, electrical finish, hardware, doors, fabrics, carpets, furniture were hand made for this specific installation. The entire facility was mocked up on the manufacturers factory floor prior to any final fabrication. Money no object.

Curious as to the owner of the boat? Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. When you have billions of dollars at your disposal, you must have a high-end recording studio on board. More details about Paul Allen and his little boat can be found here.

Yacht 1

Yacht 2