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10 Guitars Worth $14 Million

I came across a video of the 10 most expensive guitars in the world. Those 10 instruments sold for a little over $14 million.

Eric Clapton seems to have the magic touch on propelling the price of a guitar. Three of his guitars made this list and together they sold for $2.6 million.

The top ten most expensive guitars ever sold:

10. Eric Clapton’s 1939 Martin 000-42: sold for $792,000
9. Eric Clapton’s 1964 Gibson ES335: sold for $848,000
8. Jerry Garcia’s Tiger: sold for $958,000
7. Eric Clapton’s Fender Stratocaster (Blackie): sold for $960,000
6. Bob Dylan’s 1965 Fender Stratocaster: sold for $965,000
5. Keith Richards’ 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard: sold for $1 million
4. Bob Marley’s Washburn Hawk: sold for $1.6 million
3. Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 Fender Stratocaster: sold for $2 million
2. John Lennon’s 1962 Gibson J-160E: sold for $2.4 million
1. “Reach Out To Asia” Fender Stratocaster: sold for $2.7 million

And here is the video: