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Atomic Amplifiers AmpliFIRE


Hi Richard,

GREAT NEWS! Your name is now at the top of the AmpliFIRE Reserve List and we’re ready to take your order.

I had placed my name on the reserve list for a few reasons. One, my 57 Tweed Deluxe Reissue was really misbehaving — and it still is unfortunately — and I had spent enough time and money trying to get it to work. I was really annoyed at tube amps generally and this one in particular. Two, I thought that it might be easier to use a good quality modeler for much of my playing out.

Since then, I got a Clark Beaufort to replace the 57 Tweed. My 5e3 tone is back. To spend roughly $900 Canadian sight and sound unseen on a pedal is not wise. I won’t be placing the order. I love the sound I am getting from my current rig.

I’ve debated getting into modelers a few times. I’ve owned a few and I have played with software modelers in the studio. I have had better luck with software modelers on the recording side of things.

I hope Tom is successful with the AmpliFIRE and I will certainly be watching out for more detailed reviews and feedback on the unit from other players.