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Manifold Recording and the Miraverse

I received an email from Michael Tiemann this morning. He has a project underway to develop The Miraverse, a high-end studio on a 16 acre plot of land about 20 miles south of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The studio is looking to open in April of 2009. The design philosophy and architecture specifications for the project are described in detail here. Michael has had a blog up and running since October with some very interesting posts on the state of the music industry. You can read his blog here.

I’ll be very interested to see how the project develops over time and I hope that Michael will post photos of the project as it progresses. The studio intends to follow the principles of organic architecture as well as a carbon neutral footprint.

Now the really neat thing about this project is Michael himself. A very successful individual and a driving force in the open source movement including his leadership on the Open Source Initiative as well as his work at Cygnus and Red Hat.

I hope to get a chance to drop by the studio after it opens.  Here is a rendering of the studio.