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Inbox Zero

With the new role and with frequent travel between Toronto and Kingston I have been getting swamped by email.

I had to remind myself about Inbox Zero. Merlin Mann’s video on how to deal with email helped me in the past and it renewed my perspective on my current battle with inbox overload.

His view is that there are only a few things to do with email:

  • Delete
  • Delegate
  • Respond
  • Defer
  • Do

I had some time today to get my work email down to size. Tonight I will get my personal email to zero.

Take Back Time

InformationWeek had an interesting piece on how to take back time and attention. The article was based on Merlin Mann‘s presentation at last week’s MacWorld Expo.

Merlin covers his reaction to the piece here.

And a couple of great examples of his presentations can be found here and here. If you are looking for ideas to improve your PowerPoint chops, Merlin knows how to create the eye candy that supports a presentation. No death by PowerPoint in his slides.