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Matthew’s Theme

The above video summarizes some work that I did for my son’s company. He needed a theme song and he had some musical ideas that he sketched out on piano. We captured those ideas and we created a full arrangement. This next video is the finished soundtrack. It does have a gradual, soft ambient introduction for the first 45 seconds or so — as many soundtracks do — but it does pick up a little bit after that so be a little careful with your volume.

Matthew played the piano parts and the synth pad parts. I played all of the guitar parts and bass. I programmed the drum loops. As mentioned in the first video, I did use a software modeler for a number of the guitar parts: left guitar underneath the two guitar solo sections, the two guitar solos, and the two drone parts during the interlude that follows the first guitar solo. There are a number of synth-like guitar sounds as well including the part that doubles the main melodic line and the swells that are interspersed throughout portions of the track.

I was surprised at how close S-Gear came to the real thing. Their Custom 57 amp model is almost indistinguishable to the sound of the Tweeds that I have in the studio.