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A Pro Guitar Rig

So many guitars. So many pedals. So many amps.

Before the great retirement purge, I had so much gear. I still have gear but significantly reduced from before. I have become more of a rightsized guitarist.

I’m travelling out of the country now with two guitars and a Fractal AX8. Seems to cover most of what I need in a guitar rig. But I do miss the big pedalboard pictured above.

Jim Lill just put out a great video — he always does great videos that guy — on all the parts of a pro guitar rig. With a Nashville slant. A few of my favourites get called out but he doesn’t have the most important delay pedal of all time on his board. The Strymon Timeline!

Breaking Down Cruise

Jim Lill came from dirt without permission.

I love this guy. I follow him on YouTube. He is a talented Nashville guitar player with a really engaging personality. He sent me an email on his breakdown of the song Cruise by Florida Georgia Line. And the amount of work that Jim poured into that one video is so impressive. Jim knows how to produce some great content.

If you are interested in what it takes to reverse engineer a song and put it back together as a one-person band, well, you will enjoy his video.