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Kunde’s Pedal Board


From Jeffrey’s website:

This year I decided to give my pedal board an overhal. New pedals, new layout, soldered cables. The guys at goodwoodaudio.com came to my rescue, and made something really special for me. They designed a new layout for me that would be perfect for travel and studio time. They custom soldered all my cables, making it as solid and compact as possible, and built me compact and cool junction boxes and lots of little customizations on the board that make it easy for me to try out new pedals, or plug in rack effects.

I had read about his pedal board makeover last year. It wasn’t until I happened to catch his YouTube video that I decided to take a closer look.

I run three pedal boards: a grab and go minimalist board (tuner, overdrive, boost and delay), a mid-sized board (tuner, volume pedal, boost, two overdrives, delay, reverb) and the big board with more of everything including a programmable midi-controlled true bypass. I use the mid-sized pedal board most of the time.

My big board is pretty complex but nothing like Jeffrey’s board. He takes about 20 minutes to walk you through his board in this video. Pretty impressive.