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Hit Factory Flops

The Hit Factory in New York City is closing its doors. This Manhattan recording studio is legendary and created scores of gold records and Grammy winners. Stevie Wonder recorded Songs in the Key of Life in 1975. John Lennon, on the evening before his death, was mixing tracks at the studio in 1980. Other artists that tracked at the Hit Factory include Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, U2, Paul Simone and Beyonce. In 1994 alone, over 41 Grammy nominations pointed to music tracked, mixed or mastered at the Hit Factory.

The Hit Factory opened in 1968 on West 48th Street and moved just north in June of 1993. However, home and project studios have clearly impacted the studio’s ability to make money. This continues the shift away from large recording facilities. Here is a picture from one of the main control rooms. I wonder if I could bid for the diffuser shown on the back wall? I wonder where all the equipment will go?

I suppose I could find some room for all that gear in my own studio.