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Johan Gustavsson Guitars


Johan Gustavsson has been building guitars in Sweden for over three decades.

According to Destroy All Guitars:

Johan Gustavsson built his first guitar during an apprenticeship in a furniture workshop in Malmoe, Sweden. As a young guitarist he could not afford expensive name brand instruments. That’s why he decided to find out if he could manage to build a guitar on his own. Lots of wood and machinery was right in front of him. His first instrument won first prize in a contest arranged by the magazine HIFI & Music. His curiosity paved the way to forming JG Guitars, when his three year education was completed.

Johan has been a professional touring and session guitarist for well over 2 1/2 decades. His vast experience with the repair and restoration of the most coveted vintage guitars that Fullerton and Kalamazoo ever produced has informed his aesthetic. His experiences as both a luthier and a seasoned player made it abundantly clear that he had to supply his clients with instruments that at least rivaled the finest vintage and boutique guitars available, both in terms of playability and beauty. Johan’s guitars are built of only the finest Brazilian rosewood, old growth Honduras mahogany, swamp ash and eastern hardrock maple. Hardware options are limited only by availability. Gustavsson instruments are completely built with both passion and precision. The satisfaction of each individual client is job one.

The Bluesmaster Custom 59 pictured above will set you back about $11,000 USD. You could get a Tele style guitar for less. The Fullerblaster goes for about $5,500 USD.

His guitars are in high demand and they are built to a very high standard. Sadly, I’ve never played one of his guitars.

Here is a short video demo of a Bluesmaster Custom 59: