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Well, it is now official. The website I have been working on for a friend is up and running. You can take a look at Trevor’s site here.

Trevor’s site was an interesting project to work on from a couple of perspectives — artistic and technical. The artistic elements included colors, graphics, typography. The technical elements included CSS, PHP, XHTML.

I built up several mockups of the site in Photoshop. We then reviewed the mockups and ultimately decided on the final design. I then coded up the stylesheet from the Photoshop layout. I built the site on top of WordPress and integrated the design as part of a custom theme.

The project did take a fair amount of time to code and debug. The most time consuming part was getting things to render appropriately under the various Internet Explorer browsers. Perhaps IE8 will make things easier for web developers. The amount of time I spent trying to make sure that IE wouldn’t break the Web was silly.

Chris Wilson, an Internet Explorer platform architect, had this to say in a recent blog post:

I think we all want to converge to a world where a web developer doesn”™t have to spend much time at all testing and recoding their site for different browsers.

Amen to that. The rest of his post is also worth a read if you have an interest in web development.

You can download a beta of IE8 here.