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Pool Opens

Not for another 8 weeks though. I guess winter in the Toronto area makes me appreciate the warmer seasons of spring and summer.

Matthew and I will be swimming together again. Soon.



Our church completed the first year of its capital campaign program with a strong show of support. We held a reception at a nice country club in town and we had a great evening of celebration and music.

This was a moment to remember with my family. And a significant milestone in a project that I have been working hard on for the past year and a half.

My daughter was back from University and I also had the chance to play at the reception with my son on bass. What a treat for me to share this time with friends and family. And, for those of you able to spot the backline on my guitar rig, I did play through my Lonestar. Amazing tone. I love this amp.

Valley View Reception


My oldest son has applied to a number of Universities and he is still deciding on whether to pursue business or music. I remember having the same debate when I was his age.

He has applied to a couple of music programs. He needed to pull together an audition CD and so I agreed to help him in the process. He decided to track a couple of jazz standards. I thought it might be neat for him to have some backing tracks to go along with his bass.

I had done some live recording of a jazz quartet a couple of years back. Cliff Cline was the vocalist and he was backed up by some of the best jazz musicians in the Toronto area. As I had the concert on multi-track, I made a quick mix of just vocal, piano and drums. My son spent a bit of time listening to the original bass track and then we cut his own version of the bass for the song in the studio yesterday.

Pretty impressive. You can audition his track here.

Joshua's CD

Private Public

I was going through the logs on my blog today. With so much traffic coming through it has become much more difficult to see the folks that are connecting with the blog.

There were some hits that originated from a link on another blog. I decided to click on the originating source. And there, for everyone to see, was a post about me and my family.

The post was heartfelt and it had a significant emotional impact on me.

I’m really not sure how to react other than to reach out to this person.

Such an odd place this blogosphere.

University Bound

My son received his first early offer of admission last night. This one came from the University of Waterloo.

I am so very proud of my son. He is a young man with strong character and well developed values. And the first of what I am sure will be several offers for University assures him of choice and a promising future.

This will be another difficult transition for me. No one warned me about the emptiness that occurs when your child leaves home. I miss my daughter and not a day goes by where I am not thinking about her. Soon, I will have the same sense of separation as my son makes his own way in life.

I am so thankful that I was part of their lives as they grew up. I was able to hold work in balance and I was able to be a father to my children. And obviously I will continue to be their Dad for the rest of my life.

Time does pass quickly and career seems less meaningful in the grand scheme of things.

Yesterday, when I came home, my nine-year old son greeted me as I walked into the house. I looked down to take my shoes off and when I looked back up, my youngest son had left and my oldest son was standing in his place. In an instant, a nine-year old became eighteen. I was struck by how quickly the last few years had passed.

My oldest son was everything a father could hope for. And he always will be.

More or Less

Over the past year and a half I have been involved in leading a team at our church. The team’s mandate is to develop and execute the strategy to get the church into a new facility.

There has been a lot of hard work and effort invested in the preparation and planning phase of the strategy. And, over the past few months, we have been focused on a capital campaign.

I was out every evening for most of the week last week to help host information exchange sessions. My role was to present the case statement and to help with the question and answer segment. Overall, I am really proud of the team’s efforts and contributions. We have worked hard on communication and I think we have done a great job in that area. Our reveal of the first year campaign results happen next Sunday. And I anxiously await the results of the campaign.

There were some things I missed last week in the midst of all this activity. My youngest son’s birthday was on Tuesday. Although we did have a family dinner a few days beforehand, I struggled with missing his special day. You never get those moments back.

I am still in final mixes for a project, and with all of my other commitments, I had to delay work on the project for a couple of weeks.

I suppose the other thing I missed was sleep. I was averaging about 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night last week. It showed. After a couple of days, I found it difficult to stay focused and alert. I get on the road to work very early in the mornings and there were a couple of drives last week that I simply do not remember.

Back to more normal patterns this week. It will be nice to have a few evenings at home with my family.

Google Your Kids

You may not know where you might find them. For example, I found my son here (scroll down… he is the  only Cleaver) and here.

Welcome to the Internet.


My daughter has recently started blogging and, for me, it is a special treat to read about her thoughts on her journey through life. She is creative, thoughtful and wise beyond her years. I learn a lot from my daughter and I am very proud of her.

For better or worse, blogs are hosted on public access networks. And, unfortunately, some people will choose to make rude or hostile comments. And she received such a flame. I can relate to her reaction to the flame. I have received hundreds of them over the years.

I review all the comments that come in to this blog and I keep the comments open. I also publish an email address and I receive a surprising amount of email traffic from people who read this blog. And, for the most part, the interaction is usually very positive.

I do, however, actively moderate comments. There is always an annoying number of comments from spammers and, from time to time, a couple of rude, nasty and hostile comments. I do not publish spam. And rude, nasty and hostile communication is just another class of spam.

Without exception, all of the rude, nasty and hostile comments and emails that this blog has received to date has come from one source: evangelical Christians posting/emailing out of the United States. I sure do feel their love. I wonder what it would be like if I got on their bad side. But then again, they might be learning from this fellow.