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Father and Son

My wife took this picture of me with my youngest son as we were deep in the forest hike at Algonquin Park last week. This part of the trail is a small bridge that crosses a river. What a terrific day.

Matthew and Me

Moving Day

My daughter has lived in residence at Waterloo since first year. This year, like last year, she is in a furnished apartment at the residence college. Which meant that we were able to move her belongings in a car. A quick and painless move.

This year, my son is living in a house with seven other students. The house is in a friendly area and a mature neighbourhood. However, the house itself is in pretty rough shape. His move was quite different from my daughter’s move.

We moved him to Waterloo on Tuesday. One of his roommates had rented a truck and the roommate was kind enough to offer to help with the move. Which was a good thing as we had three couches, a bed, a desk, an office chair, six kitchen chairs, a number of tables, and other assorted boxes. Even though the bimmer has a large trunk, I wasn’t sure whether I could fit all of the above items plus my son’s bass guitar and amp.

We started the move at around 10am and made our way to Waterloo for noon. When we arrived at the house, we made our way to my son’s room. He has a room in the basement level of the house.

The room itself was not in very good condition. The walls were a mess. Dirty, and dingy. I took one look and I told my son that the room would have to be painted before we moved in. I spent the next six hours putting on two coats of paint and one coat of trim.

Between coats, I also assembled an Ikea bed and an Ikea desk.

Although it took about eight hours all in to pull the room together, the process reminded me of the show Extreme Makeover. The room looked so much better and it was so much cleaner.

When we finally got back home, late that night, I was exhausted. Moving can be hard work.

Back To School

A sad day for me yesterday as my daughter returned to university. I really enjoyed having her home over the summer.

This will be her last year in her undergraduate program. This is also her fourth year living in the same residence college. She is in an apartment, however the apartment is fully furnished which makes the moving process much easier.

My son returns to his university today. He is living in a house with a number of other students. The house is fully unfurnished. I will be helping him move couches, tables, chairs, bed, desk, etc. And once we arrive, we will need to assemble some new furniture that we picked up from Ikea: a bed and a computer desk. I am hoping that the truck we are using is large enough to fit all of the furniture. I am also hoping that my back does not go berserk. I will have to remember to take it easy today.

Then I return back to work tomorrow. Something to look forward to…

Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I was treated to a lovely gift, an Elite Fluid Elastogel resistance trainer, and an afternoon of rest and relaxation with my family.

I know, I know, most of you cannot comprehend the wonder of an Elastogel resistance trainer, let alone a unit that is also Elite and Fluid. Cyclists use them for training on their road bikes over the winter months. I was thrilled that my family brought me such a nice gift.

However, what I am most grateful for is my wonderful family. I am a truly blessed man.

The trainer is pretty cool too.

Elite Roller

Highs and Lows

My daughter introduced a new concept to our family. A review of the day’s highs and lows. Each person, in turn, shares a positive and a negative event.

It is interesting to see the difference in perspectives. My youngest son’s high for the day yesterday was no homework. He was quite excited about it. His low was being bullied by some other kids.

I have a friend who is going through some difficult times. I do not know the specifics but I have been very concerned about him. And I could not see through this low to focus on the high. I frankly cannot recall a high for yesterday.

So I am giving serious consideration to modifying the highs and lows to a highs only discussion. In keeping with Zander’s rule number 6 and focusing at least myself on the art of possibility.


In three weeks I will be heading off on a vacation to London, England. Just me and my oldest son.

I have been reading quite extensively about the city. Lots of things to do in London. Part of the challenge will be pace. I think we could be on the go 24/7. And, leaning a bit towards the type A personality, I will have to be careful that I do not plan too busy an itinerary. I might wear my son out.

Likes like the city also offers a lot of photographic opportunities. I will make sure that I balance the serious photography with snapshots. Looking back on our vacation pictures from the past ten years, the memories are very special.

Tower Bridge

Brown Belt

I left work early yesterday so that I could attend my youngest son’s karate school. Matthew earned his brown belt. A great achievement.

And he was very proud of his accomplishment. He intends to go on to achieve his black belt.

I will need to be more careful now when we spar.


My youngest son went to spend a few days with his older sister and brother yesterday. This being March break, he really wanted to have a chance to be with them. His first time away from home without his parents. He was so excited to be heading out. He woke up very early on Wednesday morning. Ready for his big day.

But things did not go as planned. My wife went to pick him up earlier today. He is home now and not doing very well. He is in bed and running a fever. I’m sure that he will be okay but I am worried about him.

Children really do seize the moment. And when things like this happen, it seems a bit unfair. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow.