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Dry Well

When the NFH moved in about four years ago, they were able to really bring down our quality of life. Noise levels, unsupervised children and pets, property destruction, and, lately, gangs of thugs partying at all hours.

From what I can gather, the parents of the NFH won a big lottery and bought the house with the proceeds. So it was only a matter of time until the NFH needed to sell the house. Unemployed and unskilled folks can’t live in expensive homes for very long without a source of income. I am surprised that they lasted the four years. Unfortunately, the house has been on the market for about six months now. No buyers as yet.

One of the many things they did to destroy our property was to install an above ground pool alongside our cedar wall. They backwashed not to the street, but to our backyard. We had to replace 40 linear feet of cedars. They changed the drainage patterns in such a way that we now have significant water issues.

We installed a french drain. It is not having enough of an impact. This spring, once the winter runoff has dispersed and the soil dries out, I will put in a dry well. There is significant damage to the property and the driveway because of what the NFH did. I won’t be sad to see them go. I’m almost tempted to buy the house myself. Below is a diagram of a dry well. Hope it works.

Dry Well