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My wife gave me a calendar as a gift this year, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

I keep it at work. And I read it every workday. I catch up on the dates I have missed whenever I am away from the office.

There is a surprising amount of wisdom in this calendar. Today’s thought in particular:

Which is wiser, optimism or pessimism? Optimists understand that no one has a crystal ball and that no one can accurately predict the future. Along these lines, they know that although pessimists feel confident that things won’t work out, they are only guessing and assuming that this is true. Optimists believe that, because no one really knows what’s going to happen, it’s far wiser and makes for a more pleasant and joyful experience if one is optimistic, if one assumes the best.

If your energy is primarily negative, if you continually look for flaws, problems and verification that life is essentially bad, then where will the bulk of your energy lie?