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Tony Visconti

A friend passed me this link to Tony Visconti’s interview on how David Bowie’s Heroes track was made. A fascinating look into music production. Wonderful to see great older tunes that had been recorded on tape being brought forward into the digital age. From the BBC site:

Producer Tony Visconti uses the original master tapes from sessions at Hansa Studio in Berlin to get to the heart of the title track from ‘Heroes’, one of David Bowie”™s best-loved songs.

We hear the song built up by individual contributions, including those from guitarist Robert Fripp, Brian Eno’s ‘synthesiser in a briefcase’ and of course David Bowie’s powerful, harshly emotional vocal.

Sound On Sound also covered the technical details on the background of this recording back in 2004. You can read the article here.

This video also provides some additional perspective into that recording: