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Yesterday I spent the day in a session with Peter McLaughlin. He is the author of “CatchFire — A 7-step Program to Ignite Energy, Defuse Stress, and Power Boost Your Performance“.

Peter is a very engaging and motivational speaker. I read his book last night and I was challenged in a number of areas — how to master the mind, how to eat strategically, how to boost energy and how to break up stress and fatigue.

Perhaps the incentive to read his book was driven by the results of my CatchFire Energy Quiz: red alert. And also by his reference to Drucker: leaders manage their energy first and then use that energy to orchestrate others.

Despite fighting a nuisance cold and being a bit groggy from the Dimetapp, I found the session yesterday to be very insightful and very inspiring. Check out his CatchFire Cafe here.