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Castaway Cay


I have posted about Castaway Cay before. I put a few photos up from this same cruise here and I also posted about Castaway Cay when we first visited the island back in 2011. It is such a beautiful spot that I will share a few more photos from our recent Caribbean cruise. This will keep the series of posts about our cruise in chronological order. Castaway Cay was our last port before returning back to Port Canaveral, Florida.

Disney purchased a 99-year lease for the island from the Bahamian government. The lease expires in 2096 so we should be able to go back if we ever take another Caribbean cruise with Disney.

The island is roughly 1,000 acres. Disney has developed about 55 acres. I found out that there are permanent residents on the island. Somewhere around 100 people maintain the property.

Disney created a mooring site for their ships to dock at Castaway Cay which you can see in this photo.


This is the entry point to Castaway Cay. Guests can continue walking out to the beaches or wait for a tram.


We elected to go to Serenity Bay, a second beach area designated for adults only. We had to travel along the runway of Castaway Cay Airport (MYAG) to get to Serenity Bay and we found a few wrecked aircraft like this one.


The beach areas are wonderfully maintained.


There are restaurants and bars nearby although Disney folks will serve you right at the beach. Castaway Air is a bar for the adult beach.


We did bike the island and we found a viewing tower that allowed us to spot this small vessel.


There was always something of interest to see on the beach.


It would not be Disney if there were no shops.


The Heads Up bar is for the family beach.


Water slides at the family beach. Lorraine rode this one a few times.


As our day at Castaway Cay came to a close, we walked back towards the ship. Truly an island paradise.