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Side Effects

Took the COVID shot on Thursday and definitely feeling the side effects from the injection. Headaches, fatigue, lightheaded. Should pass in a day or two.

On my job jar is to integrate my new monitoring system into my production workflow but I’m not feeling well enough to go at it full throttle.

The Audeze LCD-X phones arrived on Thursday.

I use Canopener and SoundID and I was able to get SoundID calibrated for the new phones — very quick and easy. Although the LCD-X phones seem very flat and revealing out of the box, SoundID pushed them just a bit further along.

Canopener is a crossfeed plugin which I have used before when mixing through headphones. It is a neutral plugin and the combination of the two plugins seems to be the way to go. I haven’t had a chance to work up some sessions yet using that combination.

Once I get back to feeling normal I will give it a try.