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Status Update

Today is Wednesday.

What happened on the week-end: I rehearsed and I played bass at our new church for the first time. I hooked up the new B&W speaker system for the home theater. I slowly recovered from back pain. I successfully avoided mowing and other assorted outdoor tasks. Sometimes back pain can be your friend.

What I am doing right now: In my office downloading VMWare Fusion 2.0 for the Mac. A free upgrade. Oh, and posting on the blog.

On my to-do list this week: Plan our 30th wedding anniversary celebration. I initially thought that pizza and a movie might do the trick. Turns out that this was not received very well by my wife. How could I have been so wrong?

Avoiding: the dishes, mowing and cutting back the brush from the drive. Where is the back pain when you need it?

Videos I am watching this week: 88 Minutes on Monday. Iron Man on the big screen home theater tonight.

Books I am reading this week: David Busch’s Nikon D300 and re-reading Michael Hammer’s The Agenda. Hammer passed away too soon.

On rotation: Oka. Caught these guys in Kingston and I really enjoy their music.

How I”™m feeling about this week: very positive and optimistic about life generally although definitely tired from the back pain. It negatively impacted my sleep.

What am I missing: the political debates. Palin in particular. I’ve already made up my mind for the Canadian federal election.