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Bruce Cockburn

The truth is, there are so many great luthier- and factory-made guitars these days — so many more than when I was starting out in the ”™70s. Though in the end, it matters less what you play than how you play it.

Words of wisdom from Bruce Cockburn.

Bruce is 72 years young now. Still playing. Still recording. Still creating. I first saw him live way back in the early 70s. Such an amazing talent.

Time for me to pick up his latest work, Bone On Bone.

Bruce is playing Manzer guitars, custom built by Linda Manzer. Linda is a Canadian master luthier and she has been building guitars for over 35 years now. She apprenticed with Jean Larrivee and has made guitars for a number of great players like Pat Metheny. Beautiful instruments.

If you are interested in a Metheny-Manzer Signature 6 limited edition guitar, there are a few still available. Fair warning though. Each one is $32,000 USD.

Just remind yourself that it matters less what you play than how you play it.

Fill It Up

I often highlight examples of “money no object” recording studios. Perhaps a link to a smaller facility is in order.

Gas Station Recording Studios is a small facility located on Toronto Island. The studio certainly has an atmosphere.

Barenaked Ladies and Bruce Cockburn are rumored to have recorded at this studio.

Gas Station