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Bob Wood

My son had passed me a link to a video of Bob Wood playing in a guitar shop somewhere in Nashville. My son knows that I am struggling a little bit with turning 60 and he knows that I am a bit concerned as to how much longer I will be able to play guitar with a decent level of skill.

Here is the video of Bob Wood that went viral:

Another friend found a different video of Bob Wood, one that has a much better sound and vibe. He passed it along with this comment:

You seem to mention feeling old now and again, and I thought this guy might provide some good perspective for those times!

Here is that video:

So, I am gradually getting the message about becoming an aging guitarist which was best said by Bob himself:

“God willing, I”™ll be pickin”™ and grinnin”™ until they pat me in the face with a spade,” says Bob.