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I am cross posting about our trip to Norway at rvcastaways and you can follow along there as well if you like.

This post will focus on some of the architecture that we discovered in Bergen, Norway.

Bergen is a small city by Canadian standards although it is the second-largest city in Norway. The population is about 300,000 people.

Coming into port highlights the unique architecture of the city. Over 300 cruise ships come calling into Bergen with well over half a million passengers going ashore each year.

The reconstructed Hanseatic buildings of Bryggen, a World Heritage site, is a major attraction and a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

Throughout the city of Bergen you will find historic streetscapes.

Although the old does meet the new. If you look carefully, you can spot the Starbucks Coffee sign just on the corner of this building complex.

There are no billboards in the city. And very few high rise buildings. There are numerous apartments, like this one.

St John’s Church is the largest church in Bergen and it has a commanding presence overlooking Bergen.

The houses in Bergen are often interconnected and entrances are difficult to find.

Everywhere we walked in Bergen, we came across homes with flowers hung from the second floor windows.

A final shot of Bergen as we left port.