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The Training

Taking stock, thinking about where you might be over time, setting up goals and objectives, all of that really doesn’t mean anything without consistent actions.

One of Thomas Edison’s famous quotes: Vision without execution is hallucination.

I would add to his quote: small actions, applied consistently over time, yield amazing outcomes.

And so it is with this journey of mine to become a better jazz guitarist.

I am making it a point to go to the guitar gym at least five times a week if not more. I have a great program to follow and I am learning a ton about the jazz guitar.

Building extensions from shell chords has helped to demystify jazz comping.

Learning difficult chord melodies has improved my fingering and hand strength.

I’ll document my progress as I go.

At times, I am playing like an absolute beginner. At times, I am showing signs of being fluid and dynamic.

It is certainly a process not unlike what Benjamin Zander demonstrates here (the difference being my age as I am a wee bit older than 7):