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Total Internet Performance

The Internet is just not happening with Kingston Online Services. They told me to expect 4 – 7 Mbps and I am achieving somewhere in the range of 300 – 400 kbps. That level of performance is just way too S-L-O-W.

So what to do? We live in the country and Bell’s WiFi service is rated at 2 Mbps. However, after almost a week of raising concerns with Kingston Online Services and getting no action, I decided to relook at Bell’s WiFi.

As I brought up Bell’s Internet page, which took several minutes to load, I noticed that there was a dialog box on the page where you can enter your telephone number to determine service availability. And so I punched our number in and up came this page.

Can’t be.

High-speed DSL? Right to our country estate?

I called Bell right away. And yes, our area supports high-speed DSL over the phone.

In denial: “I just moved and when I spoke with you a few weeks back you told me that there was no high-speed Internet service in our area. Are you sure that we have DSL?”

Bell sales desk: “Yes sir. We just recently upgraded the lines. Your phone supports high-speed Internet.”

The price is cheaper than Kingston Online Services. The bandwidth cap is much higher. And the speed. Well, let’s just say that accessing the Internet on dial-up speed is so old.

Thank heavens I wasn’t on a long-term contract with KOS.

I get my modem from Bell on Monday.