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Zwift on Apple TV

I was a beta tester of Zwift on Apple TV although from beta to release was exceptionally short, only a matter of a few weeks. At least for me. I suspect the team at Zwift was busy on this one for a lot longer.

I love riding on Zwift. As a form of augmented reality, the game really does draw you into the experience of riding in a way that is very engaging.

I currently use Zwift on a laptop and I use Zwift’s app on the iPad to help navigate common commands while riding — it can be a bit challenging leaning over to the laptop and trying to tap on the keys while maintaining pace on a bike. I have the iPad on a stand within easy reach of my hand.

Zwift on Apple TV makes things a lot simpler from a connectivity perspective assuming that the sensors on the bike and on the trainer can all communicate via Bluetooth. Bring up the app, pair the sensors and the game now presents on a really big screen.

Fewer wires, larger displays.

Zwift also gave me a new Parlee ESX bike:


Unfortunately, as a virtual machine, it only works in Zwift.