I have been recording and mixing audio over the past four decades. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some of the best studios in Canada and the United States. And I have worked on both analog and digital desks, analog and digital recording media and countless hours editing and mixing within the Pro Tools platform.

I had kept pretty active with my home studio for over 30 years. My last version included a Pro Tools HD rig with the D-Command console along with an awesome pair of Barefoots. I used a hybrid approach to mixing projects and ran a Neve summing mixer to get the audio out of the box. I got most of the way towards that classic analog sound with all of the convenience of a digital workflow.

Although retired, I am still keeping very busy with audio engineering projects. My rig has been downsized with an emphasis on portability. I still run a Pro Tools rig. Only now I am using an Avid S3 control surface with Focal Solo6be monitors, an Avid Carbon interface  and hundreds of plugins. Lots of power and capability in this rig and a perfect platform for me to mix and edit tracks.