Herein lies the technical background for the blog. A place for geeks to congregate. The infamous colophon. A window into the typographic and minutiae of the bits and bytes that power

Fast forward to the area of interest:

This is a personal site and it has been around the web for a number of years now. Since April 4, 2004 to be precise. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own although I do borrow quite liberally from other people much smarter than me. The site is not connected with my employment. In fact, I go out of my way to limit any direct references to my career. Absolutely nothing that I have written should be taken as an expression on my employer’s behalf.

I have lost track of the number of designs for this blog. Somewhere north of six major redesigns. The current design is now built on Genesis. I tried to follow a minimalist approach. Basic content on a white background although with a few nice touches in terms of the typography and a few splashes of color to keep things interesting.


Richard Cleaver
He was born in Quebec, a province in Canada that has attempted to become its own republic many times. Although he spent his childhood in Lachine, Quebec, he also moved around the world a fair bit. He lived in England and France. He is now enjoying life in beautiful Kingston, Ontario.

He lives in a wonderful home just north and west of Kingston, in the country on 7 acres or so of beautiful rural property. He has been an Information Technology professional for most of his life but his friends would argue that his range of interests and passions are quite diverse.

He plays a mean guitar and bass. He loves audio engineering. He lives to ride his bike. Photography, technology, business, literature, finances — all areas of keen interest. But most important to him is his faith and his family.

There are more details about him on the about page of his blog. But you might have missed that page and found yourself here instead. If you like, you can send him an email. He’d love to hear from you whatever the reason.


The blog is built on the WordPress platform. WordPress is an awesome open source content management system. The blog has been running on WordPress since it was born.

XHTML, PHP, CSS and Other Tools
The site is coded using XHTML, PHP and CSS. As far as I can tell, the site is compliant with all of the relevant web standards. Or maybe not. The development platform consisted of Photoshop, Coda, Text Wrangler and Transmit. The site uses Cascading Style Sheets for all layout and formatting, so it could look weird (but should still be readable) on outmoded browsers.


Style Sheets

As for all of the type rendered by your browser well, this is the web ”“ there’s no telling what you’re getting. The style sheet calls for Lato. You may be seeing it in something else.


Made with a Mac running OS X

The blog has been hosted by for several years now. Great service and the site is rarely down. Canadian owned and operated. Good guys.

There are links out to my flickr site and many of the photos on the blog were taken by me. Not all of them mind you. I have started to credit my own photos and limit any other use of photography. And if I am using other photography, the images are used with permission and served locally from my own server. I am currently shooting with Nikon DSLRs and a lot of Nikon glass. I prefer landscape photography so generally I walk around with big tripods and a backpack full of heavy gear in the middle of nowhere. When I am wandering around civilization, I usually shoot with either my Fuji cameras or the Sony RX100. All of the serious photos are shot RAW and processed in Adobe (Lightroom and Photoshop).

Rights & Administrivia

Copyright is © 2004-2014 by me, Richard Cleaver, with all rights reserved.

Linking to any page of this site is encouraged. Please refrain from bandwidth hijacking. For example, if you like one of my photos, ask me for permission to use it on your own site. More importantly, download the image to your own server and host the image from your own site.

All comments are moderated. I enjoy a healthy debate but if a comment gets nasty or rude then it doesn’t get posted. Sorry.

Privacy Policy
The e-mail address you provide when writing comments is never displayed on the site. Your name will be linked to any URL that you enter. Your e-mail address will never be sold, rented, given or otherwise made available to other sites, mailing lists, or third parties. When you post a comment your IP number is logged. This never appears on the site and will never be made available to third parties.

The blog doesn’t accept advertising although Lord knows I get a lot of requests. If a comment gets posted that looks like advertising it will be removed.

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