Travel Photography

I took them both. My Sony RX100 and one of my Nikon DSLRs, the Nikon D600. For the Nikon, I brought along a 50mm prime and a 24-120mm F4 zoom.

The Nikon kit is heavy. And, in the Florida heat, a tad uncomfortable.

We spent yesterday at Universal Studios in Orlando. I decided to leave the big DSLR behind. I took the very small Sony as my camera.

I have to say that it performed well above my expectations for a compact point and shoot camera. Well enough that I doubt I would have captured any significantly better images with the DSLR particularly given the location and the time of day.

It was quite liberating to walk the park with a camera that could easily fit in my pocket when needed. No hassles when doing the rides.

Here are a few photos from the day.













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  • Malcolm Gladwell is the keynote speaker this morning. He starts in a few minutes. Should be interesting. #
  • Gladwell is now up. Hair is very strange. #
  • Gladwell's lessons for transformation are many. #
  • Lesson 1: revolutionary change can be rapid. Transformation can happen now. #
  • Lesson 2: transformation begins with an act of reframing. #
  • An example of reframing: the iPod. From a technology gadget to a simple, easy to use fashion statement. #
  • Lesson 3: most important power is social power. Transformation occurs through social power. #
  • Example of social power: laptop purchase. We rely on our network to help us make purchase decisions. #
  • Gladwell is closing now with a story from the second world war. Shipping being destroyed by Germans off US east coast. #
  • US put together the tenth fleet to transform a big problem — loss of ships during 2nd world war. #

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Recently on Twitter

  • Seems that Google Wave might be too complicated for some people – #
  • Men and people who drive convertibles are at risk for hearing loss. I fall into both camps – #
  • Turntables are obviously making a comeback. Just double check the price before you checkout – #
  • No water to the house. Well pump is fine. House pump is fine. Looks like a break in the 400 hundred foot pipe between the two. #
  • Water crew is on site. They need to locate electrical before they can dig to repair the broken water line. Country living is so much fun. #
  • Hydro has located the electrical lines. Crew is digging now to fix the broken water line. An expensive bill to follow. #
  • Lots of digging but no joy in finding the break in the well's water line. 400 feet is a lot of digging. #

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  • First indoor ride of the fall season. When the temperature falls below 10 degrees, it is time to pull out the indoor trainer. Sigh. #

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