Obama is a Great Leader

There were concerns raised about Obama’s leadership yesterday. A blogger claimed that he saw Obama using a Zune. Many people have never heard of Zune. A Zune is Microsoft’s copy of the iPod. Apparently you can find them at stores somewhere in Canada now.

And the folks at Microsoft were delighted at the news. Obama seen using a Zune! Time to get the PR machine moving. Examples are here and here. Pretty much everywhere on the blogosphere.

It has been confirmed that Obama is not a user of Microsoft’s Zune music player. An Obama spokesperson put the rumor to rest, saying “Not true, the President-elect uses an iPod.”

Obama, being a great leader, is an Apple guy. MacUser was talking about what Obama had on his iPod back in June and also highlighted that Obama and the rest of his family are Mac users.

Philadelphia City Paper blogger Neal Santos, who started the uproar after seeing Obama at a local gym, stands by his assertion that he saw Obama using a Zune.

Glad that all got settled.

Stephane Dion and Hot Air

I watched the Prime Minister present his case to the people of Canada this evening. Pretty much what I expected. Stephane Dion’s presentation was also what I expected.

And a bit more.

Stephane Dion’s tape arrived late and the reporters at the CBC commented on the poor quality of the Liberal communications office. They were not sure if they could extend their time to allow the tape to roll. But they did.

What I found particularly funny was that no one checked the background set behind Stephane Dion. I was actually a bit distracted by the bookshelves behind Dion and I began to read the titles near his head. Prominent on the left side of the screen was a large book with the following title in capital letters:


I suspect that I was not the only one to catch the gaffe.

Doom and Gloom

Turned on the radio today and I heard Jack Layton say the following:

“Pensions are at risk, your savings are at risk, even your mortgages and housing are at risk and your jobs are risk. And everybody knows it and we all can feel it.”

Good thing the election ends in a week. I’m not sure what benefit is achieved by stoking such fear in people.


I decided to watch the two debates last night. I started with the U.S. Vice-presidential debates secretly hoping to witness a train wreck. Although she lacked any real substance, Sarah Palin was more confident and “folksy”. After 30 minutes or so, once it became obvious that she would not crash and burn, I decided to turn my attention to the Canadian debate.

4 on 1. It actually became tiring after a while. Whine. Attack. Whine. Attack. I’m sure Harper is relieved that these debates are over.

The only chuckle I had was when someone asked the panel what they would do on day one if they became prime minister. Gilles Duceppe had the line of the night. Stating the obvious, Gilles Duceppe acknowledged that he won’t be prime minister. Looking at Dion, Layton and May, he went further: “And three of you won’t be prime minister either.”

Rae Days

I do not often post on political items however a recent Ekos Research Poll has Bob Rae as the number one choice of Canadians to lead the Liberal party.

Bob Rae’s track record in Ontario was simply bizarre. Let’s highlight some of the key achievements.

Ontario accumulated $20 billion in debt in the 40 years prior to Bob Rae’s government. The NDP administration took only four years to add up another $40 billion of debt. I cannot recall even one lasting investment that the NDP made during that time. Sorry. There was one. Their government did approve casino gambling for Ontario.

Bob Rae’s NDP government cut health care costs by reducing the number of doctors graduating from medical schools. The legacy of such a move? A severe shortage of physicians.

Anyone earning more than $67,000 a year was considered rich. And, under his government, those individuals had to endure the highest marginal tax rate in all of North America.

Remember the public auto insurance fiasco?

In looking at the devastation that the NDP had wrought to Ontario, record debt, record deficits and record job losses, Rae’s government hired over 100,000 more public servants and gave out large increases to most of the public sector. And then?

The NDP government ordered a wage freeze and told the public servants to stay home two weeks a year without pay.

Rae Days. Perhaps the most enduring legacy of Bob Rae’s handling of government.